Surgery for crows feet and frontal wrinkles


One of the first signs of aging is the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes while smiling, known as “crow’s feet” and the frontal wrinkles.

The injection of the botulism toxin (Botox®) has substantially improved these wrinkles. However, this procedure has two disadvantages that are the short duration of the results (the muscle remains paralyzed in average for 3 months; occasionally this period can be longer up to 6 months) and the elevated price of the substance. Some patients develop no results by Botox® over time.

An alternative solution that is both effective and lasting is the partial myomectomy of the orbicularis oculi muscle for “crow’s feet” and the partial myomectomy of the frontalis muscle for the frontal wrinkles.

The surgery can be associated with the facial lifting or the blepharoplasty. A resection of a rectangular stream in the vertical direction is made.

The results are lasting and bring great satisfaction to the patients.