Graduated from the “Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Faculty of General Medicine, Romania (1997).

Master Degree Thesis: “Comparative study between primary and secondary neurorraphy in the peripheral nerve injury”.

Medical residency in Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Timisoara Clinical County Hospital, Romania (2004).

Certified specialist in Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery by The Romanian Ministry of Health (2004) and by The Ministry of Health – United Arab Emirates (2008).

Fellowship in Aesthetic – Cosmetic Surgery and Facial Palsy Surgery at the Clinic of Plastic Surgery “Prof. Dr. Fausto Viterbo” under the supervision of Professor Fausto Viterbo, Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery , Botucatu Medical School, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil (2006 and 2013).

Specialist plastic surgeon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Med Art Clinics (2007 – 2008).

Specialist plastic surgeon at Sibiu Emergency County Hospital (2006 – 2011).

Currently practicing plastic and aesthetic surgery at MedLife – Genesys Hospital Arad (since 2009).

Dr. Horia Siclovan is the first romanian plastic surgeon whose scientific articles were published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal – Springer, New York (Official Journal of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery):

Advantages and outcomes in subfascial breast augmentation: a two-year review of experience

Injectable calcium hydroxylapatite for correction of nasal bridge deformities

A case of postmastectomy defect reconstructed using a laterothoracic bilaterally pedicled V – Y advancement flap

A case of postraumatic thigh defect reconstructed using tissue expansion by elastic tube

Use of bilaterally pedicled V-Y advancement flap for reconstruction of the nose

Prevention of Thromboembolism by Saline Solution Perfusion

The contribution of Dr. Horia Siclovan to breast enlargement (augmentation) surgery and his published articles on the subject in peer-reviewed medical journals are well known to the plastic surgery community. Recently Dr. Siclovan published a paper in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery describing an improved technique for breast enlargement (augmentation):

Versatility of muscle splitting bipane technique associated with internal mastopexy in breast hypoplasia, ptosis and asymmetry

ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) active member.

Dr. Horia Siclovan attends and presents his work at various conferences around the world. These include conferences in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Geneve (Switzerland), Monaco (Monte Carlo), Paris (France), Prague (Czech Republic), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Budapest (Hungary), Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Botucatu (Brazil), Szeged (Hungary), Doha (Qatar).



Dr. Horia Siclovan attends and presents his work at various conferences around the world.


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